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Miss World's Feminist Knockers Fight Apathy

Sister's: Miss World shows us how far we have come
Reprinted with permission from Campaigning Feminism Today, Miss World 2002 special

Girls! Doesn't time fly? It is, once again, Miss World Day! That time of the year where we celebrate feminist victories past!

May I start this month's festivities by thanking all of our members for their cards and kind words which pinged their way to us in time for our celebrations, what was to be the thirtieth anniversary in our proud campaigning history.

Re-digitisation of classic 1970's placard, criticised by Bob Hope

However, it pains me to report that Miss Turkey's triumph, on Saturday, was achieved in the face of more apathy than ever from our feminist sisters - only three of us turned up in fact, which meant we decided to call off our protests completely and go to the pub instead.

This is the fifth consecutive year where the number of contestants in the pageant has significantly outnumbered the ones protesting, and this year they even had the weight advantage, too, for the first time.

But this shameful apathy (please make a note in your diaries, now, for next year) did not stop us reminiscing about our victories past... an event never complete until Sister Brenda whips out her snap shots of her now legendary 'bundling' incident out of the Royal Albert Hall by security in 1973 - the look on Bob Hope's face still sends me into hysterics. The poor boy didn't know which joke card to read off of next.

And, yes, once again, we made a point of calling both security guards, John and Clive, on our cell phones - we still correspond. Such nice chaps. We all raised a glass, or two, in their memory.

Sister Brenda also remembered to bring a selection of her more witty banners, some made out of flattened bras. (I am hoping to get copies of these for our web site before Christmas.) Oh, crazy days!

It is a shame that there seems to be such a general apathy towards the Miss World pageant these days, it was always my favourite protest of the year... I live in hope that next year we can once again join together and make our presence felt as well as heard,

Yours ever,

Miss World's Chief Knocker

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