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This Year's Christmas Appeal 2002: Free Throat Operations For The Shrieky

Yet another appeal from our President of Internet Appeals at Christmastide, Sir Garibald Smithsonian

Hello there!

Following last year's triumphant appeal, in which we asked you to donate to provide guide dogs for the stupid, we are, once again, back to help those unfortunates out there that nobody else seems to care not half a hoot about.

This year we have, once again, searched the globe, looking for the genuinely needy, without compromising on entertainment value.

This year's unfortunates will also benefit from our heavy investment in a unique internet based two click festivitidal-generositude (TM, patent pending) paradigm for charity giving (Chapter11).

- Bonding -

You look great, by the way, I don't think we tell you that enough...

- Howling -

This year, we intend to introduce a new group of unfortunates...

People just like you and me, but with a big, howling, sometimes mucus filled difference.

People who sometimes don't realize they even have a disability at all. This year we are appealing for your donations to help those who suffer from Abnormal Laugh Hysteria Syndrome.

Yes, this year's appeal is to fund throat operations for people who shriek like a hyena, or snort like a pig, when they are overcome with mirth.

- Snip-

A simple operation is now available. We plan to finance as many of these as we can so that readers of can laugh outrageously and at length if we ever we get around to writing anything that's funny in the first place.

- Fact -

It is estimated that 5% of the world's population have abnormal laugh hysteria syndrome.

- Huh? -

Do you know someone who will benefit?

Please give generously to this years fund raising appeal.

- Guide Dogs for the Stupid update -

Last year's appeal update: We bought seven guide dogs for the stupid from our special dealer in Vietnam. One of our dogs has done so well he now serves the White House as a special advisor on Middle Eastern issues.

Sir Garibald Smithsonian

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