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Saddam's 100% Yes Vote Dream Dashed: Voter Says 'I Voted NO'

99.999% is still better than 99.97% last time

Tampa Bay, Iraq - Election counters confirm they have found one ballot with an X in the No box.

This means that Saddam has just missed his 100% Yes vote target by the smallest of margins.

The voter, an underground office supplies manager, thought to be in his mid-to-late thirties with a small free-spirited beard, is now being sought by CIA agents with an offer to become leader of the opposition.

World leaders have criticised the shambolic nature of the Iraq elections:

US President, Al Gore, claimed Saddam had only counted the Yes votes.

Controversially, in a society with few offices, and where typewriters are still about 10 feet square, Iraqi voters were told to ask for correction fluid if they wanted to change their vote.

This is a copy of the ballot:

Official Iraqi 2002 ballot paper

With Iraqis only able to amend the ballot with standard white correction fluid, even if they managed to whiteout the X in the Yes box, the X they then painted in the No box would still not have been legible, according to some experts. Pencils are illegal in Iraqi elections.

It is believed the erroneous No ballot was completed using a fashionable, but illegal, blue coloured typo-amender.

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