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Latest Accounts Problems At Xerox Sheds Doubt Over Name Pronounciation

Zeer-ox pronunciation is the problem, says management accountant

"Pronounce Xerox either 'Zeeroz' or 'Exerocks'" management told.

"The old half and half name has got to go" (Senior accountant).

It could be one of the most embarrassing naming blunders in world corporate history, which has only just been noticed during a routine post-Enron style audit.

"Looking at it now, it's amazing it took so long for us to realize the pronunciation error", said a management linguist, who charges $500 an hour plus coffee. "Were we just blind to all corporate inconsistencies before this accountancy crack down?" he asked, rhetorically.

The problem is that the zee pronunciation (at the front of the name) is used inconsistently in the name, with the ex sound at the end, but both use the X.

"Technically, the name should be pronounced either 'Zeeroz', or 'Exerocks'", confirm forensic linguists called in by the management accountants.

"Our work as auditors is certainly not made any easier by having a strange name as the corporate identifier. It could mean a profits difference of plus or minus $2bn", says world champion creative accountant Jerk Jobson, who says he sometimes uses the pronunciation 'Exeroz' 'just to annoy people'.


Xerox make photocopiers, many of which have been instrumental in fraud.

Had the photocopier not been invented, the world economy would still be in the 1940's, according to industry historians.

Life before the photocopier was hell for secretaries who had to duplicate correspondence using quills, typewriters, glue and small knives.

It is believed that photocopiers have saved over 234,000 finger nails since their invention, although at the expense of a small rain forest in Borneo.

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