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"Our Night Of Passion In Field Caused Crop Circle," Lovers Claim

Local community shrugs collective shoulders, waits for video

A couple, who claim that they only discovered they had created a 100 ft by 50 ft crop circle when they woke up in the morning after a night of passion-filled lovemaking there, have been speaking to reporters today.

Margaret and Norm Hunter, of Wyoming, have been told that the circle looks like a large rodent, possibly a water rat, when viewed from the sky.

"We always assumed crop circles were made by flying saucers," explained the lovers.

"To find out our passion has caused this object of pop-iconic beauty is real exciting. Just imagine what we could make happen if we knew what we were doing in the first place".

This is the first time a heterosexual couple have been known to have made an accidental circle.

The couple are described by locals as 'pleasant but a little exhibitionistic' following these revelations, which come on the eve of an annual crop circle symposium, and the signing of a book deal.

Accidental crop circling is a little known phenomenon, but could explain how, at least some, of these impressive formations are made in corn fields throughout the world.

Previously, the formations were thought to have been created by a local chapter of a UFO club, who then used them to suggest a visitation.

Others believed it was UFOs themselves.

Interest in crop circles is high in this period of late-summer lack-of-news.

Margaret and Norm look set to cash in on DVDs and internet sites of their activities:

"This story has web site hit of the year written all over it", said a local web entrepreneur, who is currently forced to work at McDonalds to make ends meet.

"In a couple of weeks, just type in crop circle and sex and all the world's search engines will point to Norm and Margaret's web site. My pickle slicing days may soon be over."

Norm and Margaret's Corn Circle Love Making Guide will be available in all good sex shops in time for Christmas.

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