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Marilyn Monroe Is My Forgetful Guardian Angel", Claims Nude Herbalist

"When she turns up her advice is good"

A herbalist, who says on her resume that she 'likes mixing herbs as God intended', agreed to a world exclusive interview in which she promised to tell us that she has private conversations with Marilyn Monroe on a regular basis.

As the star of screen, clinics and 'Happy Birthday, Mr President', has been dead for 40 years this month, we were interested in getting to her before the Enquirer, or The New York Post.

Jessica Glamorgan believes she is visited by the star of the silver screen who is acing as her Guardian Angel:

"It all started in the 1970's."

"I was watching television one night and I saw a documentary about Monroe's relationship with President Kennedy and then, suddenly, all the lights went low and I felt a presence, a little like it feels when a favourite dog comes up close but without the bad breathe and licky tongue. I assumed it was Marilyn."

"Ever since, she has returned repeatedly near the anniversary of her death, as if she is encouraging me to sell my story every year around this time for some reason or other. She always loved to be in the public eye."

We wanted to know what Monroe looks like today:

"Well, she doesn't always materialize for me as herself, she mostly uses everyday objects from the house to speak through."

"Five years ago she used a lampshade, the next year it was the shower nozzle and last year she used a plastic duck which I like to have swimming about in the bath with me when I bathe."

"However, this year, being the 40th anniversary, she came back in person."

"She looked wonderful, so beautiful, so pure and special. She told me to tell her fans that she still loves them all and that death is not so bad after all. Check please."

(c) Jessica Glamorgan

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