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Calls For Renewal Of Filming Beneath Waist Ban At Annual Naked Elvis Concert

"Bless my soul, what's a'wrong with me?"

A DJ with a white goatee remembers Elvis:

"The ban on filming Elvis beneath the waist was brought about because the guy gave his performances so much raw, sexual, energy. He danced sex, before we even knew you could do it with your clothes on."

"Don't get me wrong, no sir. We never saw nothing down there, apart from the odd poke here and there which could have been just his baggy pants bulging randomly, we just sorta knew what was going on underneath," he continued unnecessarily.

"But when Elvis danced, the dreams of a new generation began dancing with him."

Little did they know, back in the 1950's, how popular naked Elvis concerts were to become in Europe in the 1990's. Concerts that left nothing to the imagination.

A theatre in Belgium, Europe, has been planning an extra special anniversary naked Elvis concert for months, ever since they realised he would have been dead for 25 years on 16th August, and needed to raise some easy money...

"A number of nude beaches may well join in on Friday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the King's communion with his creator"
Berny Houston, Mr Naked Elvis, 1995

The Naked Elvis show features Elvis through the ages, from the lean trucker years up to the puffy assed years that led up to his death aged only 42 in 1977.

In the tradition of Naked Elvis, no clothing, apart from big wigs and sun glasses, are allowed.

"The event will be hosted by a couple of our drag queen Elvis's, adding a cross gender transsexual quality that Elvis never had. No sir he was all man. We are just giving him a 2002 all over the body naked makeover. If we can get the Elvis Puppetry of the Penis guys over again we sure will", said the organiser.

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