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McDonalds To Open Fully Nude Restaurant

Servers have been trained to take orders for Big Macs and chicken nuggets without smirking

Toulouse, France: After a twenty year battle this town is to get its fourth McDonald's Restaurant, but only it's first fully nude one.

Jean Michele-Bourger, the manager of the franchise, said he can't wait to get stripped at the service of his customers, who demand nude service with a smile on both cheeks.

M-B told us: "Now our customers will be able to see if our servers behinds are as spotty as their faces. It's only a niche market so far, but it is set to expand over the next fifty years by up to 100%."

The restaurant is nude in the sense that customers wear no clothing. Everyone behind the counter wears no clothes too, apart from the legally required protective clothing to stop things dropping or poking into food or milk shakes.

"The restaurant is on a nude beach, so obviously our main clientele will be those already accustomed to seeing the naked physique. We will have a 'shirts must NOT be worn' sign on the front door to show we are different..

Nude burger eating is not a new phenomenon.

Nudists have been carefully eating without their clothes for centuries. Especially in Hitler's Germany where the cult of the nude body was believed to have spiritual powers, along with less laundry at the end of holidays.

One major sticking spot for new nudie consumers is getting used to eating with other naked people, it can put you off.

M-B again: "This is the problem: getting used to it. To help we have designed height adjustable chairs which customers adjust depending on how much of their eating partner they want to see. It can be quite disconcerting watching an over 60 year old nudie eating for the first time, especially if it is a Big Mac."

This McDonald's also says it will take the nude angle a step further and refuse to wrap up any of the meals, "apart from the fries which are half nude already... We aim to help the environment by cutting down on packaging," said a helper.

M-B: "The menu is the standard menu, although we will not be offering the super long hot dogs to start with to avoid the inevitable picture in the papers."

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