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We Ask Staffers At Yosemite For View On Stock Market Animal Analogies

It's not just about bull and bear markets...

We review all the stock market animals to help you in your after dinner chats on how badly your investment portfolio is doing at the moment:

Bull market
All shares go up most of the time - this is the market where your friends and neighbours who have money in the market talk loudly about how much they made from their portfolios last month, but they don't tell you if they sell in time to make any actual money. Most common over the last twenty years. Pray that God is a bull.
Bear market
Has been on rampage over last year. Could get worse or die of a heart attack all of a sudden to be replaced by other creature, not necessarily a bull again.

Rabbit market

A timid market, investors more interested in wife swapping parties and nibbling at small snacks. Popular in the 1960's, and in other periods in history when long hair was in fashion.
Beaver market
A joke animal invented simply to cause sniggering. The market goes under water and over water on a regular basis until investors become unconscious and look elsewhere to put their money.
Parrot market
Everyone becomes a stock market commentator, repeating what everyone else is saying. Was prevalent during the dot com boom, in which the parrot stood on the bulls shoulder. Warning: Parrots never sit on the shoulders of bears.
Canary market
An ineffectual market with nice tunes. Good for taking down mines - they die quickly if there is poisonous gases. If the canary market dies all of a sudden run for the hills.
Dog market
A dog market is one in which stocks chase each others tails in a circular motion.
Cat market

A cat market is similar to a dog market except there is a ball of wool and better gymnastics.



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