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"Drinking Fountain Cleaned Our Noses And Ears Just Right", Say Happy Seniors

Technicians to reduce force of fountain to stop injury

Residents in an old peoples home are being sedated following the discovery that their new drinking fountain can be adjusted to clean the whole of their faces, not just the teeth and mouth area.

"The first couple of days the residents dressed up in 1950's beach swim-wear just to take a sup at the fountain", said a large carer.

"Two straw hats were completely ruined," she continued.

An aged victim talks:

"I accidentally leant on the lever to pull up my left sock and, blow me, if the jet of water syringed my ear out. After the initial shock it was quite pleasant."

A senior, who saw what was going on, patiently waited in line before pulling the lever to clean her nose.

A morning-TV doctor told us:

"The jet of water loosens some of the more stubborn nose dirt, and it can increase the circulation on the face which can be a good thing sometimes smoothing out crinkles - its a sort of natural face-lift for very old people."

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