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The Planet's Most Annoying People Revealed

Who they are, where to find them, what do they do?

First of all, let us take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer our questions as we spammed the world to find out the most annoying person on the planet.

Out of 250 million e-mail's in our spam attack of reason, we got 20 replies back

Of those 20 replies, 5 were pure abuse, threatening us not to do it again

7 were completed in a language not covered yet by our translation technology

So, thanks to the eight of you out there keeping the spirit of reason alive.

And what interesting reading those 8 replies gave us, too...

So, here are the nominations so far for most annoying person on the planet: the names have been withheld to save us from expensive lawsuits.

Nigeria A woman who tickles anyone she sees under their arms when they are carrying their clothing in baskets on the heads. "It's too much like Jungle Book to be taken seriously", she told us.

England A woman who can say 'Gawd bless you ma'am' in all of the world's languages, whilst curtseying.

Japan A sumo wrestler who cannot stop fussing with his opponent's hair during a bout.

India A woman who can answer any question on every single Bollywood film ever made in a shrill voice.

Australia A man who is an expert on all of the nation's soap operas and appears regularly on television, and in the pub, to talk about them.

Austria An in-the-closet gay priest who plays Doris Day records at full volume from 2 to 4 each morning.

Unfortunately, nobody in the Middle East returned our e-mail's, they may be busy.

Voting will be carried out in secret with the results revealed when we get round to it.

We are still accepting your nominations at

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