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25th February 2017

Sean Spicer Sings At 'Invitation
Only' Press Conference

Sean Spicer sang Old Man River in what was described by members of the press who had been invited to the press conference as a 'challenging, yet brilliant key'.

Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy)

Those invited journalists in attendance applauded for 7 minutes after he finished, leaving the press officer in tears and shouting 'I love you all' and throwing flowers.

A reporter from the BBC, who was not allowed into the meeting, said: "It sounds awful. Old Man River needs to be sung in a low register, it sounds like Spicer, 45, was singing it high like Tweety Pie."

An accredited reporter from said the singing was 'superb' and left him 'speechless' for shouting 'encore'.

Spicer then asked for suggestions for future songs to start his invitation only press conferences, since his first song was so well received.

The invited press suggested:

Who let the dogs out

Bermuda Triangle (the Barry Manilow version)

The Russian National Anthem

I Taut I Tauw A Puddy Tat

Anything by Michael Bolton

The secret press conferences are set to continue.

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